Hello! My name is Teacher Amy.

“Hello!  My name is Teacher Amy. How are you?”

I have said that phrase over 1200 times. Today marks my 167th day at VIPKID.  To be precise, that is over 800 students, 1200 classes taught, and 29,800 minutes in front of my computer with a smile in place.  Well, I usually have a smile, but lets not start there.

VIPKID came at precisely the right time.  A year and a half ago, I left my big fat corporate job to pursue the formation of a nonprofit.  I was extremely unhappy working in the world of 9-5 and wanted to do something I could be at peace with at the end of the day.

I spent one year throwing my all into the formation and growth of a non profit aimed at stopping domestic violence before it starts.  You can read all about that at forgetmenotgroup.org if you are so inclined.

As of last summer, however, I hit a wall financially.  My savings ran out and I was forced into having to find a way to pay the bills.  Problem was, I didn’t want to give up on the nonprofit or forgo all the hours that had been put into seeding it.  I needed a job that provided me with flexibility, so that I could continue to attend community meetings and teach classes during the day (education is the tool to prevention).  I couldn’t do that if I was locked to a desk somewhere during normal business hours.

A few of my friends actually sent me links to VIPKID.  After all, my undergrad was in teaching and the first ten years of my career were spent in elementary and middle school classrooms.  I shied away, however, because the company was headquartered in China.  Did I really want to work for a company that was overseas?

At the time, I was very scared of what I didn’t know.  Don’t get me wrong, there are nuisances associated with being a contractor for a company that does not follow American standards for employment. But again, more on that later. Additionally, the process to get hired was a bit overwhelming and there was a lot of information out there, most of which confused me just a bit.  I’m one for details.  I like a nicely appointed handbook that explains everything in bullet point format.  But VIPKID does not provide that kind of insight.  There is a lot left to speculation.  And, even with that, you have to be hired to have access to the online forums where the most useful information can be found.

Thankfully, a friend of a friend had been teaching for the company and showed me the ropes.  I won’t lie, it was still a bit overwhelming, had me questioning my ability as a teacher, and left me almost giving up.  And yet, here I am with over 1200 classes under my belt, almost six months later.

And that is where this blog comes in.  This is my attempt at sharing, enlightening, educating, and humoring.  Stay tuned for more insightful comments (wink wink).


If you have specific questions about VIPKID, please feel free to email me through the contact form on this site.

If you are interested in becoming a teaching with VIPKID, you can apply here.

The content of this blog is the opinion and experience of the blogger and is not endorsed by VIPKID or any of its subsidiaries. 

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